Tech support for humans

Silicon Beach Technology 

IT's What We DO 

Businesses rely on technology, and there's lot of IT out there. 

Silicon Beach Technology has been providing Tech support to businesses in Los Angeles for over 15 years (before there even was a Silicon Beach !! )

Whether IT for you means solving a computer, email, internet or wifi problem.  Or finding a technical solution to a business problem.  We are your experts. 

If you need help or answers to anything tech related we are the people to call. 

We know  IT and can even help with the "simple" stuff like

- Computer, server, network support & upgrades

- Security, virus & malware protection, firewalls (unified threat management) 

- Data protection (backups)  

- Technology project management 

- Technology assessments and long range planning

- Moving to the Cloud

- Virtualization (VMware, HyperV) 

- Pro Audio and Video system support

- High speed Audio & Video workgroups (ProTools, Avid, FinalCutPro)

- Web Marketing, Social Media, E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email, Cloud